Storytailors - Tailoring dreams and thoughts
We are inspired by dreams to work in reality!


João Branco and Luis Sanchez created Storytailors in 2001 after finishing their Fashion Design studies at the Architecture College of Lisbon’s Technical University. They met during 1996 while attending the same classes; during the course they realised that their aesthetic universes had a lot in common and that their ideas and opinions about fashion were complementary.

They joined forces, matured ideas and decided to create a project with a name-concept that would reflect internationally their way of seeing and working fashion. Passion for History, fables and stories along with their fascination with garment construction, tailoring and fashion gathered two words into one, and thus story and tailors became Storytailors. From their researches and inspirations they craft stories for the future in a liberating way, revealing them as chapters in every collection. The metaphorical language implicit in each garment is their way of communicating. Their work mixes History, contemporaneity and future in timeless design. Each Storytailors garment survives the season in which it was designed, and can be reproduced at any time, on demand or in special editions.  

Every year the Storytailors present their collections during the Portugal Fashion week – one of the leading national fashion events. Promptly they also take their work across borders, showing in other cities like Paris. Consequently, Storytailors garments have regular presence in the editorials of the most prestigious national and international publications.  

In 2006 they installed themselves in the Centre of Lisbon, Chiado, with a store and atelier in Calçada do Ferragial 8. In a pre-eighteenth century building divided into three floors, where once were stored spices, fabrics and precious stones, one can breath today other aromas and find other treasures ...

Their creations extend also to other artistic areas. They Develop costumes for theatre and dance - highlighting the work undertaken for the Nationals Theatres, D. Maria II in Lisbon and S. João in Oporto, Municipal Theatre of S. Luiz and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

They also design stage costumes for music artists such as: The Gift, Amalia Hoje, Misia and Yolanda Soares.


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