"Everyone has an artistic potential that should be released; our desire is to help people assert their personality through our garments, by reinterpreting them according to their form of expression.
We create garments to defy time and seasons”

Tailormade is our personalized customer service, which invites you to discover the pleasure of having a garment, dress or suit designed exclusively for you and made according to your measures, considering your preferences, in an accessible way and with the quality that characterizes Storytailors. It’s with genuine pleasure that we put at your disposal our unique techniques of design, modeling, cutting and dressmaking which are the DNA of Storytailors, as well as a range of the best materials, fabrics and trims. You will have the attention and dedication of our team committed to write with fabric, needle and thread the story of your ideal garment.

An uncompromised meeting to get to know you and to understand the guidelines for your proposal. During the meeting itself and according to the characteristics of the desired garment, we can immediately make a sketch and an estimated budget. The Tailormade service is available at the shop-atelier on the sidewalk of the Lisbon 8:0 pm Ferragial. To schedule an appointment please fill out the form. For an appointment immediately may do so to the number (+351) 213 432 306 from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 at 06:00 pm







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